Wednesday, January 27, 2010

...a funny thing happened on the way to getting braids...

yes, I know. I've been MIA so we're gonna do some retroactive blogging here...

Twas a lovely sunny weekend in November. I mean *really* sunny: birds are chirping, people are frolicking...and there I was, about to go sit for 12 hours and get another set of braids. 6 hours on Saturday, 6 on Sunday to be exact. No sunny outside time for me, just a full weekend of indoor hair time. I had planned to get a braided bob style so that I could "transition" getting used to having shorter hair for my Big Chop that I was planning in the spring. Because my hair was longer I knew I needed to cut some of the relaxed ends off...perfect idea. A transitional cut for a transitional set of braids for a transitional head.

My braids had been taken out a couple days before (experimenting with a braid mullet along the way) so that morning , I wash, I condition, and I begin cut off the relaxed ends. Annnnd I get a little scissor happy. Next thing I know the relaxer is pretty much gone AND my roommates are giving me compliments! They encouraging me to just leave it like that and ditch the braiding idea besides "did I really want to stay inside all weekend??". NOPE! I look in the mirror and look out at the sunshine beaming everywhere. Done deal. No more braids. Its natural time baby!

So I cancel my braids (sorry Ifeoma, I still owe you lunch!) and call Sassy Salon, a shop I knew worked with natural hair using Miss Jessie's products cause I mean...CassidyScissorHands wasn't looking TOO cute...I needed some help. They fit me in within 1 hour--it was meant to be!

After a deep conditioning treatment, they detangled and fully cut
off the relaxed ends, set me up with a head of two strand twists and I was out the door! (this took 4.5 hours...I have to
add...and the entire time I was thinking, I thought "going natural
was supposed to be easy! how am I going to do this at home??)

The next morning I take out the twists and I found myself with a head full of bouncy springy shiny curls!

So that was that! I went natural on a whim! (I mean as much of a whim as a year of active transitioning is) Lots more to say on how its been and I certainly plan on doing so---The Blog is back and it feels so good!